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Inspired by DAF Transport Efficiency philosophy, a large number of innovations towards the popular LF has elevated distribution transport to a new level of excellence. Optimised powertrains and driveline enhancement resulted higher fuel efficiency for DAF LF.
A luxurious comfortable interior and improved visibility for the driver offer an unparalleled driving experience.
The agile DAF LF drives swiftly in heavy traffic, thanks to the tight turning radius and easy manoeuvrability. The benefits of high payload, unmatched manoeuvrability and durability of the exceptional LF distribution truck takes you a step further to improve your efficiency and profitability even more.
This light weight truck is your perfect partner for urban and regional distribution.
DAF CF exterior design
Superior design

The DAF LF’s superb exterior design gives it a strong and friendly look, making the truck a great advertisement for your business.

  • Improved aerodynamics
  • Modern and attractive design
  • New silver grille deco strips
  • Large panel area for company name
DAF CF personalise interior
Maximum driver comfort

A comfortable driver is a better driver. The interior plays a major role of the driver comfort. That’s why at DAF, every aspect of the cab is designed to bring out maximum comfort, user-friendliness and safe driving experience.

  • The perfect working environment
  • Better driver information
  • Great storage space
  • State of the art safety systems
DAF CF driveline excellence
Driveline excellence

At DAF, our custom-built range of engines, transmission and rear axle ratios ensure you deserve the best truck for your job. Regardless of the selection, supreme reliability, fuel efficiency, remarkable performance and low emissions is the only standard of DAF LF.

  • Powerful engines
  • Enhanced driver comfort
  • High efficiency gearbox
  • Silent version
DAF CF flexible chassis configurations
Perfect base

Great robustness and flexibility, DAF LF is at the top of its class when comes to low kerb weight and high payload. This modern, strong and light chassis is definitely your perfect base to build on.

  • Greater load capacity
  • Bodybuilder-friendly
  • Superb bodybuilder friendliness
  • Fully optimised suspension
  • Top performance axle
Track parts availability in real-time
Total transport solution

Pure Excellence in transport efficiency goes beyond the improved truck itself. A total transport solution through a range of professional services that enable you to select the right vehicle, reliable financing and maintaining your fleet at maximum efficiency.

  • MultiSupport
  • PACCAR Parts
  • Financial & Insurance
  • Driver Academy

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